Talent-Based Scholarships

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships

As with all talent-based scholarships, these awards for visual artists are offered in addition to other scholarships and grants you may receive. Art scholarships are renewable for four years.
North Park University cheerleaders

Cheer, Dance, and Step Team Scholarships

Nine $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year to participants in these extracurricular programs (three awards per program each year). This scholarship is renewable with continued participation.
A North Park professor assists a student.

Journalism Scholarships

Renewable journalism scholarships are offered to successful applicants who submit a portfolio of published articles and a brief essay describing their journalistic experience and goals. Don't miss the early-spring application deadline.
Man playing trumpet.

Music Scholarships

You don't have to major or minor in music to audition for a North Park School of Music scholarship (though majors and minors are required to). We offer renewable music scholarships from $1,500 up to full tuition.

Media Studies Scholarships

Chicago is a great place to pursue media studies, and these scholarships make North Park University a great choice. Read here for details about how to submit your audio and video production samples to apply for this award.
Theatre Scholarships

Theatre Scholarships

Those with performance experience onstage or technical skills backstage are invited to apply for our theatre scholarships. See complete details about eligibility, requirements, and the March 1 application deadline.