Step Team Scholarships

About the Team

North Park's Step Team is a co-ed performance group. Stepping is a form of rhythmic dance in which performers use their whole bodies as instruments through hand-clapping, foot-stomping, chants, spoken word, and other moves. All skill levels are welcome—from beginners to experts. The Step Team participates in many campus celebrations and performances, including worship services and the annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference, as well as off-campus competitions and performances.

Scholarship Requirements

Apply for a step scholarship by submitting a video audition by April 15. Please adhere to following guidelines foryour video:

  • Dress accordingly (hair, clothing, makeup); make sure there are no elements that distract from your performance. Simple is often the best choice.
  • Maximum video length should be four minutes
    • Begin the video with a brief introduction that includes your name, hometown, high school, how long you have been dancing, and what you will bring to the team.
    • The first 30 seconds to 1 minute should be choreography of your choice that showcases your talents and strengths. This must be a solo performance; no team videos will be considered.
    • For the remainder of the video time (up to three minutes), showcase what other techniques you have, which may include dancing, self-stepping, and chanting/singing.

Scholarship announcements will be at team tryouts on Saturday, May 3, 2014. We encourage you to visit North Park over this weekend in order to participate in tryouts alongside other current and future students. If you cannot attend tryouts on May 3, the coaches will, with your permission, use your scholarship audition video as your tryout video. You can indicate this on the audition application form.

If you are selected to receive a Step Team scholarship, you must participate in the Step Team for the entire academic year. This includes:

  • Maintaining full-time enrollment at North Park University (at least 12 semester hours in both the fall and spring semesters)
  • Maintaining academic eligibility and team standards
  • Attending all practices on a regular basis, including weekdays and weekends
  • Performing with the team throughout the year

Apply for a Step Team Scholarship

The 2014 deadline has passed for the Step Team Scholarship. Scholarships will be announced at team tryouts on Saturday, May 3, and will be listed on your financial aid letter when that is issued.