Media Studies Scholarships

North Park offers renewable scholarships of up to $1,000 annually to promising and committed students who are interested in art, journalism, media studies, or theatre at a Christian university in a major urban center.

Deadline for submission of materials for all these scholarships is March 2.

You are not required to be a major in the respective department, though that is obviously welcomed.

These scholarships are in addition to other scholarships and grants for which you may qualify, and are good for four years provided you are a full-time student (12 credit hours/semester).

Any materials you submit will be returned around March 15 if you enclose a self-addressed return envelope, large enough to contain your materials.

Around March 15, we will notify you if you have or have not been recommended for the respective scholarship. The actual amount will be listed on your financial aid letter when that is issued.

You must be admitted to North Park University and intending to enroll in the upcoming fall term to be considered for this award.

To be considered for a media studies (non-print) scholarship, please submit the following:

  • Samples of your audio and video production work (15-20 minutes in length).  Please compile all video samples into one format and keep the original.
  • A 300-to-500-word essay describing your non-print media experience (include a description of your samples) and your educational and career goals.

Please submit these items to:

Dr. Robert Hostetter, Chair
Communication Arts Department and Director, Theatre Program
North Park University
3225 W. Foster Ave., Box 36
Chicago, IL  60625

You may email Dr. Hostetter with any questions.

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