Information Technology | Recommendations

On Campus Network Access

All residence rooms and apartments are equipped with at least one 100mb network connection. A 10/100Base-T Ethernet card is required for access to the network from on-campus network ports.

Wireless is available in most locations on campus. Please check out our wireless overview page for specific information on locations and types of wireless supported.

Off Campus Resource Access

A broadband connection (cable or DSL) is necessary for accessing online resources such as Moodle, My North Park, and WebAdvisor.

Windows Based Computers

Windows 7 (any version) with all current "critical updates" installed.

Current Anti-Virus must be installed and be up to date.

Internet Explorer 8.0 installed.

Automatic Updates should be set to automatically update the system.

Turning on the Windows firewall is recommended for a higher level of security.

Macintosh Based Computers

Mac OS X 10.5, or greater with all current security updates.

Current Anti-Virus must be installed and be up to date.

Safari or FireFox installed.


Last Updated: April 2010