Intramural FAQ's

Who can participate in intramural sports?

All North Park University students, faculty, and staff are allowed to participate. Viking athletes may only play in sports that they do not also compete in at the collegiate level. In addition, athletes that are in-season may not participate in an IM sport, unless special permission is given by his or her coach. Spouses of seminary students and resident directors living in campus housing may participate, but must to purchase a Helwig spouse membership to do so (please see the Helwig Recreation Center website for details).

What time are games?

Intramural games are held between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm on weekends.

How much does is cost to participate?

Most intramural competitions/activities are offered free. Special tournaments may cost a small fee, used for officials and tournament awards.

What are the captain's responsibilities?

All captains are required to be knowledgeable of all rules and policies for the sport that they are participating in. In addition, they ensure that all of their teammates are also knowledgeable of these rules. The captain will also act as a playing manager by acting as the spokesperson for all meetings, during all games, and he/she will also maintain the conduct of each teammate and spectator.

Where do I get equipment for intramural play?

The necessary equipment for each IM Sport will be provided by North Park University. Extra equipment items (i.e. gloves or shin guards) may be worn, but will not be provided.

Is there a limit to the number of participants on each team?

There will be a limit to the number of participants that may register/play an IM sport or competition. This policy is used to maintain fair play and keep the number of teams/participates high. Contact the IM sport supervisor for more details.

Where can I find the rules for each sport?

Find rules for all IM sports on the IM general information and rules page. In addition, each team captain will be emailed the rules prior to competition.

North Park University Intramural Sports