Rosters and Registration

Registration Procedures

  1. Fill out a roster card. The card must be filled out completely and legibly. Incomplete or illegible cards will be discarded and not processed.
  2. Cards must have a full list of players and ID numbers.
  3. The limit for the number of players allowed on a team will depend on the sport.
  4. Cards must contain which league and what days your team is available for play. If you do not pick a day, we will assume you can play at any time.
  5. Fill out Captain and Co-captain information completely. If this information is blank, we will not be able to get a hold of you and your registration will not be processed.
  6. Turn in your roster card by the due date to the drop box outside Ericka Hopper's office at Helwig Recreation Center.
  7. If your roster card is turned in past the deadline, your card will not be accepted.
  8. The Intramural Supervisors have the right to prohibit or modify team names that are in poor taste, derogatory and or profane.
  9. League schedules will be available at the Team Captain’s meeting.
  10. Players must be listed on a roster by the lock date in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

Roster Lock Date

  1. Teams may add players to their roster the first two weeks of league play.
  2. Rosters will be locked after two weeks and no additional players can be added at that point.