Apartments and Houses

The on-campus apartments and houses provide students with an opportunity to gain independence and responsibility while remaining part of the North Park community. These residences are reserved for students who are at least sophomores, and are typically filled with juniors and seniors. Adjacent to the main campus, the college apartments and houses are in high demand by North Park students!

Living in Apartments and Houses

  • There are 87 apartments and 7 houses.
  • Apartment sizes range from two- to five-person occupancy; houses are five to eight people in size.
  • Most apartments and houses require two students per bedroom.
  • There is approximately 495 to 595 square feet of apartment space in each residence.
  • Each apartment/house has its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom(s).


Apartments come unfurnished except with the following basic items:

  • Bed frame and mattress 
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator

No dressers or desks are provided. We encourage students to add personal items to create their own unique atmosphere.

Meal Plan

Although many apartment residents opt to prepare meals in their kitchens, they are welcome to remain on a meal plan or purchase a punch card through Aramark.

Take a Closer Look

The apartments and houses on campus are all unique; check out some of the buildings and the creative ways that students have personalized these spaces in our photo gallery.

Apartments and Housing Leadership

The apartments and houses have a resident director (RD), similar to what you may expect in a dorm. This RD lives on campus at North Park and supervises the Resident Assistant (RA) staff for all apartments and houses. All of North Park's RDs are passionate about building connections with students and fostering community in on-campus housing.

Next Steps

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Carmen Avenue Apartments