Ohlson House

Ohlson House, an all female residence hall, is one of our most unique buildings on campus. No two rooms are exactly alike in Ohlson Hall. With rooms separated by winding hallways, privacy is a given. But Ohlson residents are serious about connecting, and there a strong sense of community in the building.

Ohlson is located on the north edge of North Park's campus, next to Anderson Chapel, the Campus Postal Center, and Health and Counseling Center.

Lobby and Common Areas

  • The building is secured by electronic locks that require student IDs to gain access. Residents are given keys to their rooms.
  • The entry desk is staffed 24 hours a day for added security.
  • The lobby lounge includes a bank of six computer terminals and one printer, as well as couches and chairs.
  • The main floor provides a full kitchen as well as a laundry room with four washers and dryers (paid by quarters).
  • A lounge right off the main lobby is equipped with a piano, TV, and DVD/VCR.

Living Floors

  • Ohlson's three floors have 69 rooms, housing 136 women in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms.
  • Lounges on every floor provide great space for socializing or studying.
  • A range of bathroom facilities include private bathrooms with individual showers to to shared bathrooms with stall showers.

Meal Plan

A meal plan is required for all students living in dorms. Learn more about meal plan pricing and options.

Room Measurements and Furniture

The uniqueness of Ohlson House creates rooms that each have different measurements. View a measurements chart to find information about your specific room.

All Ohlson House rooms are carpeted and come equipped with the following furniture items:

  • Desks with chairs
  • Wall shelves (six shelves per unit)
  • Beds (standard twin)
  • Dressers (five drawers each)
  • Closets with hanging rod

Take a Closer Look

Want to see more of Ohlson House? Check out the photo gallery with interior pictures, including some great ways students have gotten creative with their decorating skills.

Ohlson House Leadership

Ami Thakkar Ohlson House 150x150The resident director for Ohlson House is Ami Thakkar. As the RD, Ami lives in an apartment in Ohlson House and supervises the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. All of North Park's RDs are passionate about building connections with students and fostering community in on-campus housing.

Contact Ami via email

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Ohlson House