Support Resources

Professional and Pastoral Counselors

Professional, licensed counselors, those acting under the supervision of a licensed counselor, and pastoral counselors provide mental-health counseling to members of the school community on a confidential basis. Counselors who work on our campus may be reached at the following numbers:

  • Health and Counseling Support Services: (773) 244-4897
  • Campus Pastor: (773) 244-4982

Title IX Advocates

Title IX Advocates can answer questions, provide information on legal rights and protections, provide information on campus resources, walk students through the different options available for seeking mental health support, help file complaints with the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator if assistance is needed, and accompany the victim to interviews with law enforcement authorities.

Contact a Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, or Advocate:

  • Ingrid Tenglin, Director of Human Resources (Title IX Coordinator), (773) 244-5601
  • Elizabeth Snezek, Dean of Students (Title IX Deputy Coordinator), (773) 244-5664
  • Deb Auger, Seminary Dean of Students and Community Life (Title IX Deputy Coordinator), (773) 244-6222
  • Title IX Advocates

North Park's Wellness Team

Use the following information to contact North Park University regarding the work of the Wellness Team or to learn more about resources available, both from the University and the federal government.

Office Phone number
Campus Security (773) 244-5600
Counseling Support Services (773) 244-4897
Dean of Students (773) 244-5565
Health Services (773) 244-4897
Housing and Residence Life (773) 244-5555
Student Engagement (773) 244-5565
Student Success Team
(773) 244-5737
Student Success (773) 244-5727
University Ministries (773) 244-4980


External Resources

If you wish to see a counselor outside of the North Park University community, we suggest the following:

Porchlight Counseling Services

Porchlight provides unlimited free counseling to college students at offices throughout Chicago.
(847) 328-6531 (office)
(773) 730-7077 (helpline)

RAINN: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

RAINN is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization.
(800) 656-HOPE (helpline)

Rape Victim Advocates

(312) 443-9603

Swedish Covenant Hospital

(773) 878-8200


YWCA - Sexual Assault Support Services

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Rape Crisis Hotlines provide free numbers where survivors of sexual assault and their significant others can call to receive confidential, immediate assistance.
(888) 293-2080

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