AlcoholEdu for College

To provide you with important information to keep you safe and healthy at North Park University, we require each member of the incoming class to complete a special online program called AlcoholEdu for College. Whether you drink or not, this course will empower you to make informed decisions about alcohol and prepare you to better cope with the drinking behavior of your peers.

This online, non-opinionated, science-based alcohol abuse prevention program was developed by a company called EverFi and is used at schools around the country. It is confidential and personalized: North Park University won't know what answers or information you input. We'll just get a report that you have completed it, and data about our incoming students as a whole group.

The course includes a variety of tools and alcohol-related information sources, including videos, blogs, a map of U.S. laws concerning blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits, and strategies and tips for safe partying and helping a friend in trouble.

AlcoholEdu for College is completed by hundreds of thousands of students each year. More than 200,000 participants were confidentially surveyed and reported the following results:

  • 75% said AlcoholEdu provided helpful information and 66% said they learned new facts about alcohol
  • 77% reported that AlcoholEdu prepared them to identify signs of alcohol poisoning
  • 64% said the information presented about BAC would help them create a plan for making safe and healthy decisions

AlcoholEdu Course Details




Part 1
  • Requires internet access and audio capabilities
  • Includes pre-test, information section, and final exam
  • Should take approximately 2-3 hours to complete
  • Can be completed in multiple sessions, but remember to complete sections by clicking the "Next" button at the end or your progress will not be saved
  • Must pass the final exam with 75% or higher
July 15, 2013 August 21, 2013
Part 2
  • Complete this part after receiving an email reminder
  • Requires internet access and audio capabilities
  • Follow-up survey
  • Should take approximately 15 minutes to complete
30-45 days after completing Part 1 October 18, 2013

AlcoholEdu Next Steps

  1. Log in at EverFi: www.everfi.com/register
  2. Enter the AlcoholEdu for College registration code: C147679A
    If you have previously set up an EverFi higher education account (at another school, for example), go to the link above and click "Log In." Once you have signed in, go to your settings to add the registration code above.
  3. Enter your North Park student ID number
    When prompted, enter your student ID number. You can find this on your student account bill, your class schedule, or in WebAdvisor.

You will need a computer with internet access and audio capabilities to complete the AlcoholEdu for College course. You can do Part 1 (details above) in multiple sittings, but must click "Next" at the end of each section of the course to save your work before logging out. If you do not click "Next" you will have to repeat the section.

You may be asked to complete surveys with your own personal information. This will help personalize your experience and measure students' alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. Your survey responses are confidential. North Park University will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see your individual answers.

Should you experience technical difficulties while completing AlcoholEdu, click the "Help" button to access a 24/7 online help center.


If you have questions or need help, please contact the Office of Student Development at (773) 244-5565 or by email.

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