Community Life

Community Life

You are coming to North Park to get an education (and we think a great one!), but we know this means a whole lot more than classrooms and homework. Our three core values — Christian, urban, multicultural — will challenge you in your academic pursuits, but also play a role in your relationships, your extracurricular activities, and your whole community experience. And you'll be able to take what you learn outside the classroom back to your classes and on to wherever your journey takes you.

During Threshold Week you'll have a chance to get a taste of community life, and also learn about our expectations for all our students, faculty, and staff as we learn together throughout the coming year. To make sure you're ready to dive in, here are some of the resources you should check out.

North Park University Voyage

Voyage: North Park's First Year Experience

Starting college is a big step. It is truly a voyage — a time when you will be exposed to new people, places, and ideas. Professors, University staff, and your fellow Vikings are here to help you throughout your first year on campus, and that's what Voyage is all about.
Career Planning and Placement at North Park University

Campus Life and Services

Almost everything you want, in one convenient web location. Browse through many of our campus departments, services available to students, and quickly connect to My North Park. Campus Life and Services will be your friend throughout your years at North Park, so check it out now!
Get Involved at North Park University

Get Involved: Student Government, Clubs, Special Events

There are many different ways you can dive into the community at North Park: student clubs, Bridge, and running for a student government office in SGA are just a few. OrgSync and My North Park will be your go-to places for signing-up and catching all the announcements.
Student Administrative Services at North Park University

Student Conduct

All North Park students, faculty, and staff are expected to respect each others' differences, encourage open dialogue, and commit to caring for each other. The student handbook is full of important details about how this works. Get a head start on reading now, and ask any questions you have when you get to campus.
Helwig Recreation Center

Helwig Recreation Center

We are particularly proud of this incredible, 68,000 square-foot facility, where you can work out alongside your friends or athletes. Stop in for a quick workout, take a group fitness class, or participate in some of the community-building fitness challenges the staff creates throughout the year.
University Ministries of North Park University

University Ministries

University Ministries is the campus ministry of North Park University, seeking to transform students to impact the world for God.