A North Park student smiles for the camera.


University Ministries is about transforming students to impact the world for God. We believe that the life of faith involves growing into all we were created to be (transformation), while living our lives in service to the world (impact). To live into this mission, University Ministries intentionally focuses efforts in three areas:

  • Understanding Christian Identity (know)
  • Developing Christ-like Character (grow)
  • Expressing Faith through Action (go)

The relationships we develop and the programs we offer center around helping students understand their Christian identity, develop Christ-like character, and express their faith through action.

We invite students from any background and culture into the journey of spiritual transformation and impact. We engage in relationships with those students, walking together as we learn to walk with God. We create opportunities for students to experience the compelling life and message of Jesus. And we challenge students to commit to know, to grow, and to go.