Sankofa brings together readings, films, class lectures, and conversations with a pilgrimage to major Civil Rights sites in the southern part of the U.S. focusing on black/white relations. We explore the biblical, theological, sociological, political, cultural, and psychological dimensions of the struggle for racial justice from its roots, through the Civil Rights era, and then focusing in on its contemporary implications. We also seek to provide experiences that lead to personal transformation on the difficult questions of race and justice. Sankofa is a safe place that is focused around living into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of "the beloved community."

Sankofa is primarily about leading individuals on a journey of self-identification and learning about the issues that divide us, both as a society and as the church. After identifying issues, Sankofa is dedicated to helping equip students to learn how to deal with, respond to, and counteract these issues from a biblically-rooted position of faith, which requires both a personal and cooperate response from believers.

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Undergraduate students have the opportunity to take Sankofa as a two-credit class during the spring semester pending successful completion of an application and interview process. This year's trip will take place February 20–23, 2014, and applications for current students are available online.

The Sankofa program is facilitated as a joint venture of the Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning and University Ministries.

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