Viking Top 10

The HumpTerms to Know

Get the scoop on the lingo you'll hear around campus. Here are our top 10, but check out the North Park Dictionary for even more.

  1. ARA — Aramark, or "ARA" for short, is the dining hall on the top floor of Magnuson Campus Center.
  2. OrgSync — Use this community website to find out how to get involved in organizations and events on campus.
  3. Voyage — Our First-Year Experience a program is packed with mini-lectures and workshops that cover everything you need to know about North Park.
  4. Bridge Events — These events, both on- and off-campus, are offered at free and discounted prices for students. Opportunities throughout the year include movies, plays, sports games, and more.
  5. The “L” — Short for the elevated light rail system that runs through Chicago, this is the most common source of transportation for North Park students.
  6. Carlson — Home to most of the University's classrooms as well as the campus gymnasium, you'll spend a lot of time in Carlson Tower.
  7. Collegelife — This Sunday night worship service is held in Anderson Chapel.
  8. Core Curriculum  — These courses emphasizes reading, writing, and help you think about life's biggest questions.
  9. The Hump — Located next to Carlson Tower, this is a great hangout or study space on a sunny day.
  10. Moodle — This online resource for classes is where teachers can post grades, homework assignments, etc.