Viking Top 10

Are you ready to dive into life as a North Park Viking? What do you need to know about student life? Our Threshold student leaders have compiled 10 lists of 10 things you should know—tips for being successful in your classes, getting involved in campus activities, and what to do when you're exploring Chicago.

Academic Success at North Park
Academic Success
Students, faculty, and staff are all commited to our Vikings' academic success. Here are some great tips for being successful in your classes:

  1. Utilize the Career Development and Internship office.
  2. Take advantage of free tutoring.
  3. Use the study rooms in the library.
  4. Ask your professors questions; they want to help.
  5. Attend all the Voyage lectures for good advice.
  6. Eat Breakfast before your morning classes — you’ll concentrate better (and it's the best meal at ARA).
  7. Don’t cram.
  8. Develop good study habits early in your college career.
  9. Get plenty of sleep before big tests.
  10. Form study groups with your classmates.
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Worship and Ministry