Living Area Information

Living Areas

Unique Housing Experiences, Excellent Growth Experiences

North Park University's diverse options for housing take full advantage of the urban setting and the Albany Park neighborhood.  Some dorms are traditional in design and features, providing the same experience of a large university.  Other housing options offer the security and community of university housing with the living experience of independence in a city neighborhood to give students a great transition to adult life.

Anderson Hall, North Park University

Anderson Hall

A high-rise on the south side of campus, Anderson Hall houses up to 228 students on 8 floors, mostly freshmen and sophomores.
North Park University Burgh Hall

Burgh Hall

Burgh Hall houses up to 200 co-ed students on four floors. Newly remodeled and updated in 2008, Burgh overlooks the river on the west and sits just two blocks from the Helwig Recreation Center.
North Park University Ohlson House

Ohlson House

Ohlson House is a renovated apartment building with a capacity of 136 women. It offers double, triple and some single rooms each with their own character and design.
North Park University Park North Apartments

Park North Apartments

Park North is a unique "living-learning community" focused on helping students to understand their leadership potential. It houses up to 70 co-ed students separated into men's and women's floors. Each double suite includes a private bath and full kitchen.
North Park University Sawyer Court

Sawyer Court

Sawyer Court is a co-ed apartment building that serves primarily upper classmen with space for 100 students. Each unit has a private bathroom and a full kitchen.
North Park University Apartments and Houses

Apartments and Houses

A limited number of students, primarily upper classmen, can enjoy the unique housing experience of group houses and apartments.