Archived Webinars


Lives In the Balance: A Prayer and Lifestyle Strategy to Rescue Our Kids

July, 2014

Taught by Chandra White-Cummings, Urban Faith
White-Cummings understands and believes in the power of prayer. Join this mother of two, founder of Hearts Like Water:Praying for Our Children in Times Like These prayer outreach, Urbanfaith.com author, and blogger as she shares a strategy that churches, youth ministries, and families can use to put the wheels in motion for spiritual rescue of our kids from the traps in which the enemy has ensnared them through culture and life experiences.


Teaching Your Teens to Interpret Scripture

June 5, 2014

Taught by Tom Greenwald, Community Covenant Church, Lenexa, Kansas

A native of Iowa, Tom has spent over a decade doing ministry on the East Coast and in Michigan before landing in Kansas. With a passion for bringing together students of different cultures and socioeconomic classes, Tom believes communal scripture reading of God's Word is the tie that binds. This workshop will share his tips and tools for developing your students to be interpreters of scripture.


Break the Silence: Let's Talk About Sex and Sexuality in the Church

April 17, 2014

Featuring Dr. Chisina Kapungu, assistant professor in obstetrics and gynecology with the Center for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Join us as we explore faith-based perspectives on sexual health and HIV prevention.


The Art of Bible Storying

April 16, 2014

Taught by Michael Novelli, SparkHouse

Join Michael Novelli for a Bible storying experience—an imaginative way to engage in the scriptures through storytelling, creative reflection, and lively dialogue. During this interactive workshop you will explore how this learner-centered approach inspires participants to discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative.


Should Christians Act Like Crips: Innovative Approaches for Urban Youth Ministry & Evangelism

March 4, 2014

Taught by Romal Tune, founder of Faith for Change and author of God's Graffitti

Many churches are stagnant or losing members because of their inability to connect and reach teens and young adults that feel left out and are uncertain about their future. In order to change this trend, youth and young adult ministry must look at innovative approaches to reach young people in their communities who do not attend church.

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