Chicago Reload Workshops

The 10th annual Chicago Reload event featured a full slate of interactive, engaging workshops led by experts and veterans of urban youth ministry. This summary gives you a picture of what to expect at Reload 2015.

Improvised Leadership: What We Learn From "Making It Up"

Melvin Kim, Nothing New Productions

Quality leadership is essential for youth ministry. Attendees will be reminded (or learn something new) about how they can effectively lead others. Concepts like focus, communication, trust, community, and respect are presented through various fun and interactive improv exercises and games.

Using Story to Change the World

Alison Burkhardt & Marcus Simmons, North Park University

This interactive workshop is designed to teach youth leaders how to listen to and share stories to impact the world.

Say it Loud!...Or Not: Introverts in Youth Ministry

Nilwona Nowlin, North Park University

Though the majority of the U.S. population consists of introverts, we function primarily as an extroverted society. This includes the way that we work and do ministry. This workshop, designed for introverts and extroverts, will provide participants with an understanding of what it means to be an introvert. Participants will also receive some practical tips for ensuring that introverts in youth ministry can successfully live a life worthy of their calling.

The Dropout Solution

Mandy Ross & Karen Anderson, Lydia Urban Academy

Students who drop out of high school typically do so because they have lost hope in themselves and do not have a person in their corner who knows how to advocate for their educational best interests. This workshop aims to redeem a new generation of at-risk youth by attending to practical needs and reflecting Christ.

Biblical Foundations for Discipleship in an Urban Context

Muta Mwenya, 33Seven

This workshop points leaders to Jesus' leadership of 12 dysfunctional students and one convicted delinquent. Jesus was concerned about God’s glory rather than earthly favor by discipling at-risk students.

How to be Radical, Relevant and Relate to Urban Christian Youth

Frank Walker & Jeff Green, Mars Hill Baptist Church

This workshop will show biblical examples of Jesus to develop methods of being radical, relevant and relatable for urban youth. Participants will leave with some strategies/approaches they can use to get Urban Christian Youth involved in ministry, as well as ideas for how to fund programs in high poverty areas.

The Art of Bible Storying

Michael Novelli, SparkHouse

Join Michael Novelli for a Bible storying experience–an imaginative way to engage in the scriptures through storytelling, creative reflection, and lively dialogue. During this interactive workshop you will explore how this learner-centered approach inspires participants to discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative.

Addressing Trauma in Adolescents

Bob Auger, LMFT, and Inger Eiesland-Schultz, LCSW, Arbor Clinical Associates

This workshop will discuss ways that youth workers can identify trauma in adolescents, as well as tools for how to better walk alongside them in their faith and healing journey.

Foundations of Youth Ministry

Nick Rivera (New Life Oakwood) and Joey Quinones (New Life Covenant Church)

This workshop is for those who are 0 - 2 years in urban youth ministry.  These experienced youth workers will share what they've learned about starting out in urban ministry, as well as tips and tools for implementing strategies for faith development.

Reclaiming a Theology of Lament in Urban Youth Ministry

Soong-Chan Rah, North Park Theological Seminary

The work of urban ministry requires a deeper theology that moves beyond simplistic answers. In this workshop, we will examine the social-historical context of ministry in the urban context and offer a theology of lament that addresses the unique context of urban ministry.

Walking Life with Youth: Mentoring Approaches and Strategies

Amy Williams, Circle Y Ranch

This workshop will focus on the simplicity and complexities of what it means to “walk life with a young person.” In addition to discussing creative and impactful approaches (strategies for both believers and unbelievers) the workshop will also address topics of mentoring high risk youth (ex: gang-involved youth, youth in the justice system, substance abusers), cross gender mentoring and a challenge for attendees to examine their own heart. There will also be a time for participants to share stories of what has (and hasn’t) worked.

Leading Beyond Fumes

Larry Acosta, Urban Youth Worker Institute

Your call to urban youth ministry was never meant to be at the expense of your own spirit, soul, heart, health and family! This workshop will share practical insights and proven tools for leading beyond fumes and being fully alive in the process!

School/Church Partnerships

Romal Tune, Faith for Change

This workshop will discuss ways in which any urban ministry can partner with community schools, regardless of expertise or budget.  The focus is in interfering in the school to prison pipeline with achievable goals and providing hope for those students who are on the margins in our society.

Using Music in Urban Youth Ministry

Leslie Moore, North Park University

This workshop, led by the Chicago Reload worship band leader, will address ways in which music can enhance your urban youth ministry.

Between God & Kanye: Cultivating the Theology within Hip Hop for Ministry to & for Urban Youth

Daniel White Hodge, North Park University

This workshop delves into the socio-theological connections within Hip Hop culture to cultivate an urban ministry among the emerging adult population. Hip Hop provides a contextual and indigenous form of ministry possibilities for the emerging adulthood population and those considered to be ‘nones.’

Youth Ministry Time Management

Pasi Musaindapo, North Park University

Taught by a former youth pastor, this workshop will cover ways to be more efficient in urban youth ministry.

Discipleship and Mentoring to Keep the 18-to-24-Year-Olds Living Into Their Faith

Judy Howard Peterson, North Park University

Pastor Judy, as she is affectionately known by North Park University students, will share her tips and tools for effectively discipling and mentoring the 18-24 year old age group to keep them plugged into faith and the church.

Program Fundraising for the Urban Youth Worker

Pier Rogers, Axelson Center at North Park University

This workshop is designed for those who find themselves assisting students with raising funds for camps and missions trips.

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