Campus Conversations On Race

Conversations On Race & Human Identity

The Conversations On Race & Human Identity (CORHI) program is a training experience designed to enhance leadership in areas of diversity and intercultural dialogue. The program is an extension of the University's unique commitment to a distinctive education in the liberal arts that melds together faith, learning, and service. Specifically, it is a dynamic space for the development of better communicating, thinking, learning, and living in an increasingly multicultural world.

Mission and Vision

We create a space for students and staff to explore the realities of becoming competent leaders in a world that requires creative thinking and a variety of social skills. Each session is carefully designed to be a safe, stimulating space for sustained dialogue for a group of up to twenty individuals. The group will meet formally for two hours each week for ten weeks.

This semester's training dates are Tuesdays, September 17 to December 3, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

Learning Aspirations

The following objectives compliment one another, developing through open inquiry and collaborative, reflective investigation about the nature and character of human relationships.

  • Ethical reflection and introspection concerning faith, self, and culture
  • Using effective communication for problem solving and negotiating meaning
  • Appreciating multiple perspectives other than one's own
  • Recognizing the obligations of global citizenship
  • Developing a deep commitment to working respectfully with others

Professional Benefits

Participants in the CORHI program, who successfully complete all workshops and training, will become certified as group facilitators. As society continues to become increasingly diverse, growing numbers of employers and graduate schools are looking for well-rounded individuals who are gifted in and familiar with multicultural settings. These growth areas contribute to success in the classroom and on the job and are currently listed as the most desired by graduate schools and employers.

  • Communication Skills (Listening, Written, Verbal)
  • Analytical/Critical Thinking Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Information and Technological Literacy
  • Strong Work Ethic

To apply for this program, please contact Marcus Simmons, Coordinator of Student Engagement, by phone at (773) 244-6220 or by email. You may also contact Alison Burkhardt, Assistant Director of the Center for Youth Ministry, at (773) 244-5207 or by email.