Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

Our cultural studies areas allow students to earn a major or minor degree in Africana, Asian and Asian-American, Latin-American, or Middle-Eastern studies. We provide a range of learning opportunities including classroom, urban engagement, and study abroad experiences. In addition, we focus on a thematic area of Justice and Intercultural Learning and collaborate with the Women and Gender Studies Program.

Africana Studies

The Department of Africana Studies was established in 1994 to expose the campus and wider community to the cultural, historical, social, political, economic, and religious contributions of Africa, African Americans and people of African descent throughout the Diaspora. Students may choose to earn a Major or Minor degree in Africana Studies.

Asian and Asian-American Studies

The Department for Asian and Asian-American Studies was established in January 1991 and offers a Korea Studies Minor (18-20 Semester hours credit) as well as related courses each Spring and Fall semester.

Latin-American Studies

The department of Latin-American Studies and Initiatives (LATAMIN), as part of the Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning at North Park University, promotes the richness of the Latino peoples and culture. Our programming offers real social and educational engagement with the many facets of Latino life in the United States and all over the globe.

Middle-Eastern Studies

In November 1995, North Park University established a Middle Eastern Studies (MES) department. Offering an academic program with diverse approaches to experiential learning and an ecumenical Christian perspective, North Park is the only evangelically oriented Christian college or university to offer such a program.The department seeks to foster awareness, understanding, and reconciliation among all peoples of the Abrahamic tradition.

Women and Gender Studies

We offer a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) that complements almost every other field of study, whether business, communication, nursing, education, theology, or the fine and liberal arts.

Justice and Intercultural Learning

Justice Initiatives support the Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning's mission to bring awareness to students regarding their role in living life with others who are not experiencing justice and being in intentional dialogue about the nature of intercultural realities — including race, gender, politics, and global perspectives.