Conference Workshops

Concurrent Session I options

1:45 – 2:45 pm


Evolution of Diversity in Higher Education:
Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Evon Walters
Dr. Jack Thomas 
Dr. Daymond Glenn
Dr. Anthony Ross
Participants will examine current issues, trends, challenges and opportunities related to working at predominantly white colleges or universities.
Building the Bridge: Breaking the Barriers
Bernada Nicole Baker
The workshop provides strategies to promote the unity of individuals from diverse backgrounds, in an effort to establish healthy relationships and build stronger communities.
Diversity, Privilege and Leadership:
Are We Making any Progress in the 21st Century

Dr. Eddie Moore
This interactive, informational, challenging and energetic session examines and explores issues of diversity, privilege, oppression and leadership across America.
Effective Communication a Critical Component to Leadership
Rhonda Walters

This session will help increase your awareness of communication behavior and why it's a critical component in leadership.

A Standard of Excellence for African American Male Students:
The Achievement Gap

Bryant L. George
Participants will learn highly impactful strategies that address social and academic under preparedness in college for African American male students.
How Broken English Made Me Whole:
Race, Literacy, and Social Justice

Jamila Lyiscott
In this interactive workshop, we will tap into personal narratives to interrogate the relationship between language, identity, and power.
Soup of Salad?...Diversity the Main Entr'ee
Marvin Worthy
Participants will gain knowledge that dispels the myth that nurturing diversity is only relevant to underrepresented groups; increase their awareness and appreciation for difference; and, identify the benefits associated with fostering a culture of inclusion.
Scared Speechless
Dr. Marry Trujillo
If you're the person whose brilliant ideas get stuck in the back of your throat, then this workshop is for you! While you won’t become a public speaking master in this one session, you will learn strategies for dealing with communication anxiety, organizing thoughts, increasing vocabulary, and enhancing presentations. 
Active Listening:
A Means to Productive Dialog about Diversity

Christopher Hubbard
It is the goal of this session to help attendees become more effective listeners and in turn better communicators. Participants will discuss relevant communication theories and research, and will be provided an opportunity to practice active listening skills in a guided in-class workshop format.
You’re too Dark to Sit Here: Colorism in America

Sheriff Rasheed
Latrice Jones

Colorism is a social phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of colonialism in the Americans. This social problem has negatively impacted people throughout the centuries. In today’s society colorism can determine the type of income, job position, and in unique cases marital status for specific individuals. The purpose of the workshop is to enlighten individuals about this social problem through interactive discussions, activities, and self-reflection.

Concurrent Session II options

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Trauma: What is it—and how does it affect the Brain, Body, and Spirit of Individuals, Families and Communities?

Rev. Velda Love
Sarah Gonzalez

This workshop will focus on how Americans have been socialized to live with and accept a culture of violence; ways to recognize and address historical trauma due to ongoing violence; and learn the skills, tools and resources to address, survive, and heal those who have experienced individual, family, and community violence.
Working with an Increasingly Diverse Population
Marvin Worthy
This experiential workshop provides an opportunity for organization leaders to better understand the aspects of growing diversity and to address how these changing demographics can impact organization success. 
Increasing Cultural Intelligence through Story
Craig Steven Hendrickson In this workshop, we will learn how to create the intimate spheres necessary to increase multicultural capacity within our educational institutions through the establishment of CSF (Cultural Spiritual Formation) Groups.
Table Manners: What will it Look Like when Everyone Has a Place at the Table

Don Woo
Alyssa Slinkman
Brianne Arnold

In this workshop we would like to make the argument that everyone has a place at the table. It’s about time that we join together to make progress towards the same goals. Will you come to the table with us? But before we come together, we need to set the table, wash up, and learn some table manners.
Between Miley & Macklemore: Interpreting the racial Messages within media for leadership in a "post-racial" Ethos
Dr. Daniel White Hodge
This session dives deep into both the obvious and subversive messages within media (television, music, and film) to engage the racial and ethnic significance within each and to help the leader build a true appetite for diversity by deconstructing the media messages we receive daily, which contain thousands of racialized messages.
Black Males Trapped in a White University Student Body
Dr. Michael Twyman
The workshop will focus on using one’s racial identity as a source of power for coping with institutional and interpersonal dynamics related to racism and social isolation specifically at Predominately White Institutions. 
Does Numbers Equal Diversity?
Eric Beda
Increasing minority representation in predominately white institutions is not sufficient to counter negative perceptions and behaviors toward traditionally underrepresented minorities. An equal racial representation must be coupled with a culture that believes that diversity is fundamentally advantageous, in order to mitigate some of the effects of implicit race-based discrimination.
"The Introverted Leader" is Not an Oxymoron Nilwona E. Nowlin
This workshop, designed for introverts and extroverts, will provide participants with a general understanding of what it means to be an introvert. In addition, participants will receive some "best practices" for the introverted leader and team member.
Transformative Leadership:
Capacity Building via Diversity

Dr. Larry Gray
Dr. Carl Robinson

The objective of the workshop is to outline the process of facilitating Leadership from the vantage point of Diversity.
 I'm Destined for More
Frank Williams
This workshop will assist you to explore “Your Story” and why it is important to you, your community and the world.

Concurrent Session III options

4:15 – 5:15 pm

The Butcher, the Baker, and the World Shaper

Dr. Guy Sims

This session will allow students to explore issues which impact the strengthening of, not only their campus community, but the communities they will eventually be a part of (work place, communities in which they live).
Exploring the Complexity of Hip-Hop Culture:
Implications for Understanding the Experiences Of Black Males in Schools and Society (Part 2)

Dr. Daymond Glenn
This session will explore the complexity of hip-hop culture and its implications for understanding the experiences of Black males in schools and society.
Passing the Baton:
On your Mark! Get Set! Go!

Marvin Worthy This session will assist current leaders in successfully exchanging the baton to new leaders.
Going Away to Come Together:
Using Trips for Leadership Development and Community Building

Dorothy Pleas

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the use of off-campus trips for team-building and leadership development.
Key Characteristics of Effective Leadership
Dr. Evon Walters
This interactive session will engage participants in a discussion about dissecting the many different elements of leaderships and how to go about cultivating it.
At Some Point, You Gotta Turn Up
Marcus Simmons
This exciting workshop will equip leaders and educators with new strategies for moving from stages of awareness to stages where creative intervention, community-centered leadership, and cross-cultural alliances can thrive.
Changing the Dynamics of Minority Student Retention through A Unique Triad Partnership

Dr. Kaye Patten-Wallace
Dr. Anthony Quinn
Dr. Willie McKether

Interestingly, our collaborative effort also served to mobilize and motivate university-associated individuals and community leaders to work in concert to achieve common academic goals within the target population. 
The "Why" behind Diversity from a Theological Perspective
Stephen Kelly In this session we discuss music has been a critical bridge that gives us language to communicate not only the beauty of God, but gives us the opportunity to create from our own narrative "beauty" that reveals the Creator in ways that speaks to humanity and transcends the distortions of race, class and gender.
How to Find Your Passion Traci Dennard This workshop will explore and dispel myths that have stopped people from finding their passions. Students will take an inventory to discover their likes and dislikes, what they enjoy and what they do well. Once your passion is found, you will uncover a better you!
Gain and Maintain: 5 Tips for Motivating and Recognizing Your Members  Laila McCloud Building a successful student organization doesn’t happen overnight. In addition to planning great programs, you have to make sure that you are developing and supporting your members. In this session you will learn how to use the GRAPE principle to help your organization grow and maintain its membership.