North Park University

Past Conferences

The Office of Diversity at North Park hosts the Student Diversity Leadership Conference each fall, inviting students and their mentors from around the country to explore leadership development together. Use the links below to ook through the topics and speakers from previous conferences. For more information about the conference, please contact Dr. Terry Lindsay, dean of the Office of Diversity.

Sixth Annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference

2014 Conference: Building an Appetite for Diversity

The interactive play Defamation, along with a variety of workshops that focused on leadership and diversity where featured at the sixth annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference.
Kanyere Eaton

2013 Conference: Achieving Peace By Embracing Diversity

The fifth annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference took place on Saturday, November 2, 2013, and featured guest speakers Dr. Kevin Kruger, executive director of NAPSA, and Rev. Kanyere Eaton.
2012 Student Diversity Leadership Conference

2012: The Chaning Nature of Leadership

The fourth annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference was highlighted by keynote speaker Pastor Corey Brooks, Sr., performances by various student groups, and another excellent set of workshops designed to empower students as agents of change on their campuses and in their communities.

2011: Celebrating Differences While Creating Community

The third annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference featured keynote addresses from Dr. John Perkins and Rev. Karen Mosby-Avery, along with a slew of workshops to encourage students in their exploration of diversity and leadership.

2010: How Do We Live a Life of Significance?

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill addressed the second annual Student Diversity Leadership conference in October 2010 as participants explored together how their actions and leadership can be significant on their campuses.