Fourth Annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference

The Changing Nature of Leadership

Friday, November 2, 2012

Special Conference Guests

Corey B. Brooks, pastor at New Beginnings Church of Chicago and founder of Project H.O.O.D., a community organization focusing on social change on Chicago's South Side.

Pastor Brooks may be best known as the "rooftop pastor" for spending 94 days living on the rooftop of a vacant Chicago motel to bring attention to the violence on the streets of his South Side neighborhood. He has now begun a walk across America to bring attention to this same problem of gun violence across the nation. This walk, and the efforts of Brooks's Project H.O.O.D., also aim to raise $15 million to build a community and economic development center in his South Side Chicago neighborhood. Brooks has identified four major problem areas that this center will confront: educational, economic, social, and spiritual. His vision is that this center will be a model that others can build on to combat these problems and the proliferation of gun violence in our nation's inner cities.

Conference Workshops

  • Leadership Conversations: Diversity Officers Roundtable (12:30 to 2:45 pm)
  • Multi-What? Multicultural Education
  • Between Barack and a Hard Spot: Multi-Ethnic Leadership in an Era of Trayvon Martin, a Black Presidency, and White Nationalism
  • Developing a Culture of Student Leadership: Demonstrating Leadership through Extending Community
  • Out of the Box: Moving beyond Identity Labels to Spark Transformational Leadership
  • Six Mindsets That Hinder Ethnic Diversity on Campus
  • Multiplying Intercultural Competency of Ministry Leaders
  • Let's Make the World a Better Place: Students Living and Leading with Integrity
  • Building Genuinely Multicultural Organizations
  • Cultural Intelligence for a Changing World
  • Leading with P.U.R.P.O.S.E.: Passion, Urgency, Responsibility, Preparation, Opportunity, Service and Effectiveness
  • Roundtable for Student of Color Leaders (1:45 to 4:00 pm)
  • Imagine the Possibilities: Building and Sustaining Inclusive Communities
  • Is It Really Fair to Give Special Treatment to Ethnic Minority Students?
  • Key Characteristics of Effective Leadership
  • Fostering Inclusion in Key Campus Leadership Positions
  • Bamboozled: How Internalized Oppression is FUBU
  • Going Away to Come Together: Using Trips for Leadership Development and Community Building
  • Discover the Leader Within You: A Strengths Approach
  • Gain and Maintain: Strategies for Membership Growth
  • Black Student Leaders at Predominantly White Institutions: Igniting Achievement or Extinguishing Success?
  • Soup or Salad? ...Diversity the Main Entrée
  • What's in a Name?: The Changing Nature of Black/African American and Latin Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Social Styles: Developing Productive Relationships for Effective Leadership
  • Cultivating Leadership and Development through Mentoring
  • Trumping the Race Card
  • Throwing Snowballs at the Sun
  • A Christian Argument for Interfaith Collaboration

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