Fifth Annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Achieving Peace by Embracing Diversity

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Special Guests and Speakers

Rev. Kanyere Eaton is the pastor of Fellowship Covenant Church, a Bronx-based congregation of the Evangelical Covenant Church that is committed to engaging God’s people for worship, equipping God’s people for service, and empowering God’s people for leadership.

Known for her down-to-earth style and engaging delivery, she has preached, taught, and led workshops in churches across the United States, as well as in Korea and South Africa. Rev. Eaton has worked in both public and private sectors as a social service professional with backgrounds in early childhood education, substance abuse recovery, direct service management, hunger prevention, and philanthropy. Between 2000 and 2010, she led The Sister Fund, a private women’s foundation in New York City, as its executive director.

Dr. Kevin Kruger serves as president of NASPA, an international organization providing professional development resources and support for student affairs professionals.

In his capacity as a national advocate for students and the primary spokesperson for student affairs administrators and practitioners, he draws on more than 30 years of experience in higher education. While at NASPA, he has pursued a number of initiatives designed to enhance the association's role in public policy, research, professional development, and student learning and assessment, with a particular interest in the use of technology in serving diverse student populations.

Conference Workshops

  • Leadership Conversations: Diversity Officers Roundtable
    Dr. Lawrence Burnley and Dr. Daymond Glenn
  • Making It Right by Getting It Right
    Dr. Caleb Rosado
  • Latino/a Students in Higher Education: Strategies that Promote Success
    Dr. Eva Serrano
  • Playing with Purpose: Cultivating Intercultural Competency
    Latrese Moffitt
  • I Don’t Care Where You Come From; A Conversation about Race and Culture
    Carlton Mitchell
  • Walking in Expectation, not Disappointment
    Traci G. Dennard
  • The World's Greatest Authority on Ethnic Relations
    Chad Brennan
  • Diversity…A Matter of Perspective
    Marvin Worthy
  • Diversity from Within: Discovering the Hidden Gift of TCKs
    Rev. Dr. Paul De Neui
  • Strengthening Your Leadership: Consciousness of Self and

    Almar Walter
  • Minority Females and Self-Esteem
    Dr. Dakota King-White, Dr. Delila Owens, and Shannon Jeffries
  • Are You Equipped For The Position?
    Marvin Worthy
  • The "Secret Sauce" of Healthy Multi-ethnic Communities
    Chad Brennan
  • Deconstructing University Core Curriculum: An Invitation for Students to Reconsider, Redefine, and Demand Excellence in Higher Education
    Dr. Lawrence Burnley
  • Spiritually-centered Leadership at the Student Level
    Dr. William C. McCoy
  • Diverse Perspectives Lead to Success—Are you Headed that Way?
    Ingrid Hart
  • Between Barack & A Hard Spot: Multi-Ethnic Leadership in an era of Trayvon Martin, a Black Presidency, & White Nationalism
    Dr. Daniel White Hodge
  • When Helping Hurts Diversity: Moving from Nominal Empowerment to Mutual Value Change
    Dr. Paul De Neui
  • It Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White, Diversity is About More Than Race: Lessons and Strategies for Engaging in Dialogue about Diversity
    DaVonne Harris
  • The Multicultural Advantage: Applying Your Diversity Experience to your Future Career
    Ashley Ritter and Ignatius “Pasi” Musaindapo
  • Exploring the Complexity of Hip-Hop Culture: Implications for Understanding the Experiences of Black Males in Schools and Society
    Dr. Daymond Glenn
  • Leading with P.U.R.P.O.S.E.: Passion, Urgency, Responsibility, Preparation, Opportunity, Service, Effectiveness
    Marvin Worthy
  • Race Matters…Or Does It?
    Rev. Velda Love
  • Let’s Make a Deal: Discovering Your Relational Style for Effective Leadership
    Dr. David Fenrick and Benjamin Fernandes
  • Practical, Biblical Tools for Multi-ethnic Pioneers
    Chad Brennan
  • Yeah, You Know Me!
    Roger Moreano
  • Achieving Peace: Embracing the Unspeakable
    Dr. Leon A Rodrigues
  • What Are You Looking At?! (What Do You Really See When You Look at Me?)
    Don Woo, Alyssa Slinkman, and Brianne Arnold
  • Throw Shade at the Sun
    Marcus Simmons
  • Picasso: A Groundbreaking Experiential Exercise
    Latrese Moffitt

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