North Park University African Student Club - image credit: http://www.b2btrade.biz/leads_70831/

African Students Club

The African Student Club at North Park, founded in 2009, wants to unite students who are from Africa and those interested in Africa. We also want to provide opportunities to experience authentic African culture through campus events, educational opportunities, social events, workshops, and meetings. We hope to be a cross-cultural bridge joining the North Park community to other Chicago-based institutions and schools that are interested in working for positive change in Africa.


All students are warmly welcomed and are entitled to membership after attendance to one meeting or through subscription to the mailing list. All members are entitled to vote and to bring ideas regarding the planning of events, lectures, and workshops by contacting the appropriate member of the Tribunal Committee. The constitution of the North Park University African Student Club gives the responsibilities of the Tribunal Committee and our procedures and policies.

  • Advisor: Marielle McNeal
  • President: Triphose Khonde
  • Vice President: Christina Arden
  • Secretary - Jessica Reeves