Avery Hawkins

Avery Hawkins

Assistant Football Coach

North Park University



Why is Black History Month important to you?

Black History Month is important to me because it shows the perseverance and resiliency of African Americans throughout American history. Also black history is important because it is necessary to show how far we have come as a society. February sometimes to me seems short to highlight significant contributions Black Americans have made to American history, and yet it is completely necessary.

Who is someone famous in Black History who has inspired you personally? Why?

Obviously working in athletics has given me the opportunity to appreciate the heroics of Jackie Robinson. The ability to have the strength to fight through great adversity, racism, and to succeed to me is amazing. The importance of what he accomplished is felt today by me and anyone of color who works or participates in athletics.

How have you influenced and impacted the North Park community and other communities you frequent?

I feel I have influenced North Park and the community I came from by attempting to keep my Christian beliefs in tact while striving for improvement. One of my biggest goals in life is to show how God has blessed me and continues to help me. If one kid or colleague can see God’s power through my blessings by doing what I love, it would have been enough for me.