Christopher Hubbard

Chris HubbardAcademic Advisor, Adjunct Instructor

School of Professional Studies
North Park University


Why is Black History month important to you?

This month for me marks a time to remember and reflect on my ancestor’s origin from African soils, tragedies of the middle passage and triumphs on foreign land as evidenced in the advent and proliferation of African-American culture.

Who is someone famous in Black History who has inspired you personally? Why?

I deeply respect and admire a host of famous (and not so famous) African-Americans for too many reasons to mention. Among them are Shirley Chisholm, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Malcolm El-Shabazz, Betty Shabazz, Steve Biko, Coretta Scott King, Muhammad Ali, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey and Mary McLeod Bethune. The founders of Alpha Phi Alpha: Henry Arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, Eugene Kinckle Jones, George Biddle Kelley, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle, and Vertner Woodson Tandy are also a source of adoration. I also draw much of my inspiration from my nuclear family; my wife, mother, maternal grandparents, two sisters and brother.

How have you influenced and impacted the North Park community and other communities you frequent?

If I recall correctly, I was the only African-American male to have graduated from the dual masters program in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management and Theological Seminary in May 2010 with honors. I believe that this is just one more testament to the fact that if one can endure, one can achieve!