Marcus Mason

Marcus Mason Undergraduate Recruiter

Office of Admissions
North Park University



Why is Black History Month important to you?

For me, Black History Month has always served as a time of celebration, and recognition of a people group, where positive recognition is often lacking in our media and society today.  Throughout my education, I’ve always enjoyed learning more and more about part of my culture, especially the history beyond the Civil Rights movement.  As a result of my early exposures to Black History, I have been able to realize Black History cannot be summarized in 28 days, or confined to the United States. Black History Month has served as a catalyst for me to continue learning that Black people around the world have held, and continue to hold.  This group of people has held significant roles in laying foundations of societies, and cultures; have been primary contributors, and held influential roles in shaping the arts, architecture, education, philosophy, theology, among many other aspects of life around the world. This has ultimately been a transformative and positive experience for how I perceive myself, as well as others around me.

Who is someone famous in Black History who has inspired you personally? Why?

Olaudah Equiano – a prominent Nigerian who played a vital role in the abolition of the slave trade in Great Britain – would have to be a person who has inspired me. Equiano inspires me because he represents one of history’s unsung heroes.  Olaudah, a born again Christian, made it his duty to derail the brutality of slavery, and galvanize support from people who had the power and influence to bring an end to slavery in Britain.  This sparked a movement to eventually end the African slave trade across the globe. To me, he represents a group of people who played a large role in bringing liberties to people who are systemically oppressed; yet don’t receive the attention and recognition that other prominent historic figures receive, and whose endeavors are equally as important.

How have you influenced and impacted the North Park community and other communities you frequent, e.g. your church, the community where you live, organizations you belong to, etc.?

There’s no easy way for me to measure how I’ve influenced or impacted the North Park community or other communities I am a part of. In any community I belong to, I try to be one who challenges and encourages others to be better, and to reach their fullest potential, especially as it relates to using one’s position to rectify mediocrity and injustice. As I’m able, I aim to be a voice for the missing voices from the table. So whether I’m meeting with current North Park students for coffee to talk about life, their Sankofa experience, or help them plan life after college - I strive to be someone students can trust, while at the same time give them truth, and simultaneously pushing them to pursue a life of excellence and significance.