Dr. Joseph Jones

Dr. Joseph Jones, North Park University ProvostProvost and Chief Academic Officer

North Park University


Why is black history month important to you?

I believe it raises the overall consciousness of all that take part in recognizing the sacrifices made by prominent African American civil rights advocates and overall contributors. It also establishes a sense of pride, awareness and motivation throughout our community.

 Who is someone famous in black history that has inspired you personally? Why?

There are many great individuals within our history that have helped shape and inspire me into who I am today. The one that stands out most significantly is George Washington Carver. His authentic tenacity in producing efficient means of managing systematic crop rotation methods for farmers and agricultural agencies throughout the nation showcases not only the level of intellect he held, but he also supplied nutritional benefits to the nation as a whole, regardless of race.

 How have you showcased positive influence on the black community?

I worked in the justice system for several years before entering into higher education. During that time, I stood firmly as an advocate for racial equality and fairness; as I still do to this day. My previous work history confirms my allegiance to raising awareness on issues like racial discrimination and improving higher educational opportunities throughout our nation; especially within our prominently black communities.

(Interviewed by Joshua Griffin)