North Park University Queers and Allies - image credit: popartmachine.com

Queers and Allies

Queers and Allies is here to offer support for the LGBTQA community, providing education and conversation, to break down stereotypes and stigmas that are placed on this community in order to create a more liberating environment on North Park University’s campus where all students are able to flourish. 

In order to offer support for the LGBTQA community, Queers and Allies provides safe places on campus where people can gather and not be afraid of ridicule for their position in the community. Understanding the complexities of identity Queers and Allies works to help people discover how to express themselves in a healthy manner. 

Queers and Allies provides education through discussions, guest speakers, the viewing of films, and other ways deemed appropriate by the leadership of the club. As the only club dealing with sexuality, Queers and Allies sees a need to provide and advocate for sexual education, and promote sexual safety for the campus.