North Park Justice Summit and Chicago Reload

Featured Speakers

We are thrilled to welcome these individuals to address students, urban youth workers, community leaders, and people who care deeply about justice at the North Park Justice Summit and Chicago Reload. Each promises to challenge our ideas about race, relationships, and the status quo, and to spark deep conversations that we can take back to our communities. We invite you to journey with us into this conversation about justice with open hearts and open eyes.

Dr. Cornel West

Princeton University
Cornel West is one of America's most provocative public intellectuals and has dedicated his life to championing racial justice. More

Rev. Harvey Carey

Citadel of Faith Covenant Church
Harvey Carey's passion for reaching the lost and his vision for urban renewal are transforming communities and challenging leaders. More Watch

Rev. Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis's commentaries on ethics and public life challenge people all over the world to consider the call of their faith in public discourse. More Watch

Rev. Judy Peterson

North Park University
Judy Peterson is passionate about “walking it out” in faith, speaking truth into the lives of students and people of faith all over the country. More Watch

Dr. Soong-Chan Rah

North Park Theological Seminary
Soong-Chan Rah challenges students, pastors, and our multiethnic Christian community to dig deeply into urban renewal, building lasting ties from faith to practice. More Watch