Full Video: Harvey Carey

North Park Justice Summit and Chicago Reload

Friday, March 24, 2012

Pastor Harvey Carey from Detroit, Mich., reflects on the story of the Good Samaritan and offers up some serious challenges for all Christians. It's easy to read this familiar story and think 'How could the priest just walk by? How could the Levite?' Carey speculates that if this man were in 2012 — broken, beaten, laying on the side of the road — he would already be written off by most of us. We ask, 'How could the priest walk by? How could the Levite walk by?' Carey asks us, "How could YOU?".

Carey challenges us, particularly youth workers, to look beyond the obvious and be willing to do what others don't do, just as the Samaritan did. He insists that our response to "the least of these" is a sign of our salvation. Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan and told us to "go and do likewise." Listen to Carey's compelling and inspiring talk to learn more.