Estate Gifts

We are grateful to the following individuals, whose thoughtful remembrance of North Park in their estates and trusts resulted in gifts to the institution during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Peace to their memory.

Mrs. Lucille M. Ahlberg
Mr. and Mrs. Evan J. Alex
Dr. Jimmie R. Alford
A. Genevieve Anderson
Anna Bergbom Anderson
Mr. Howard D. Anderson
Mr. Leland R. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Anderson
Mrs. Ruth V. Arling
Mrs. Elvera Bergstedt
Mrs. Ingrid E. Bergstrom
Rev. and Mrs. Paul V. Bjorklund
Mr. Carl H. Blomgren
Mrs. Jean K. Bragg
Mr. Ivan T. Brown
Mr. John W. Brundine
Mrs. Eleanor Byrd
Mr. Alden E. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Carlson
Rev. John H. Carlson
Rev. Richard W. Carlson
Mrs. Jean Cedarleaf
Dr. Raymond L. Dahlberg
Mrs. Barbara L. Dickey
Miss Iolene V. Edner
Ms. A. Jean Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Erickson
Mr. Carl O. Fogel
Mrs. Marion V. Franklin
Miss Mildred L. Geiger
Ms. Phoebe Hansen
Mrs. Lillian R. Hanson
Ms. Harriet G. Hargrove
Mrs. Carolyn M. Johnson
Mrs. Charlotte R. Johnson
Mr. Robert A. Johnson
Mrs. Yvonne Johnson
Mr. Albert P. Juengling
Mrs. Fern M. Katter
Mr. John A. Laird
Rev. Benjamin L. Larson
Mrs. M. Pauline Larson
Mr. Robert G. Larson
Mrs. Muriel R. Lindahl
Mrs. Rita M. Lindholm
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy A. Lundell
Mr. Hans-Joachim Mollenhauer
Mr. Robert J. Morse
Mrs. Mildred E. Mouw
Mrs. Doris E. Nelson
Mrs. Rosa Lee Neywick
Miss Ethel V. Nordling
Mrs. Jean M. Olson
Mr. Leonard A. Olson
Mrs. Marion Olson
Ms. Marion L. Olson
Mr. Robert S. Olson
Mr. Glenn E. Palmquist
Mrs. Virginia A. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Pearson
Mrs. Marian V. Peterson
Mr. Robert Peterson
Dr. William L. Peterson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Post
Mr. Charles R. Pugh
Dr. John A. Ronning
Miss Lois G. Rowe
Mr. George Sandoz
Ms. Ruth E. Scarratt
Mr. Karl J. Schmidt
Mrs. Mary Shih
Mr. Vincent E. Shogren
Rev. C. Leslie Strand
Mrs. Alice G. Sundberg
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Swansen
Mr. Julius W. Theisz Sr.
Chaplain Earl Towner
Mrs. Dorothy L. Vikstrom
Mr. James E. Wallin
Rev. Roger W. Wiganosky
Raya Betadam C'15, 2013 Honor Roll of Donors

My education at North Park has been exceptional! Without your support, I would not have these amazing opportunities to learn and grow.

Raya Betadam C'15