Seminary Giving

We are grateful to all who designated gifts in 2013–2014 to North Park Theological Seminary.

Anonymous (6)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Abkes
The American Endowment Foundation
Mrs. Bernice M. Anderson
Craig and Dotty Anderson
Dr. Frances M. Anderson
Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Anderson
Rev. and Mrs. James L. Anderson
Mr. Jeffrey Anderson
Ms. Katherine Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin A. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Anderson
Rev. and Mrs. Robert M. Anderson
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas B. Anderson
Pastor and Mrs. Timothy K. Anderson
Mrs. Joyce B. Appel
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Arnfelt
Arvada Covenant Church - Arvada, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Augenson
Mr. Seth M. Awes and Mrs. Marit Johnson Awes
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Bangeman
Batavia Covenant Church - Batavia, Ill.
Ms. Karin Bauer
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul D. Bengtson
Ms. Karen K. Benson
Rev. and Mrs. Bradley J. Bergfalk
Mrs. Nina M. Bergman
Rev. and Mrs. Daniel P. Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Berkemeyer
Ms. Esther B. Berntsen
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Berthelot
Bethlehem Evangelical Covenant Church - Minneapolis, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bigelow
Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Bjorkman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Bjorkman
Ms. Mary Ellen Bjorkman
The Bjorkman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bjorlin
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Blessing
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blohm
Ms. Deborah C. Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Boehlje
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bolsen Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Edson L. Bridges II
Bridges Family Charitable Foundation
Broadway Covenant Church - Rockford, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bromley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Brown
Pastor Phillip I. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Brush
Rev. and Mrs. Bill L. Bryan
Mrs. Jean Cagwin
Mr. John Cahoy
Rev. and Mrs. Dan E. Carl
Mrs. Betty M. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Carlson
Mrs. Hildur M. Carlson †
Mrs. Janis L. Carlson
Ms. Joyce M. Carlson
Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Carlson
Ms. Marjorie C. Carlson
Rev. Dr. Linnea E. Carnes and Mr. Kip R. Carnes
Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Carstenbrock
Cascades Camp and Conference Center
Rev. J. David Cassel and Ms. Christina A. Jones
Mr. S. B. Chapin and Ms. Alice Chapin-May
Dr. Mary Chase-Ziolek and Mr. Keith Chase-Ziolek
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chelgren
Rev. and Mrs. Richard J. Christensen
Rev. and Mrs. Sang Kyun Chung
Rev. Betzy A. Cisneros and Mr. Christian M. Cisneros
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Claus
Ms. Carolyn L. Coleman
Covenant Children's Home & Family Services
Covenant Ministerium
Dr. and Mrs. Merwin R. Crow
Mrs. Ruth A. Dahl †
Mrs. Nancy C. Dahlberg
Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Dahlstrom
Rev. and Mrs. Albert A. Damrose
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Darden
Mr. Kevin Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. De Young
Rev. Frances D. Decker
Mr. Jenito D. Delos Santos
Dr. and Mrs. Rock E. Doddridge
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Doering
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Droogsma
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Drotts
Ms. Joan L. Durkee
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dvorak
East Coast Conference
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Eckblad
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Eckhardt
Rev. and Mrs. James R. Ecklund
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ecklund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ekstrand
Mr. Le Roy Ekstrom
Rev. and Mrs. George B. Elia
Rev. and Mrs. Steven A. Eng
Rev. and Mrs. Donn N. Engebretson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Erickson
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Erickson
Rev. and Mrs. Paul H. Erickson
The Evangelical Covenant Church
Evangelical Covenant Church - Attleboro, Mass.
Ms. Elizabeth E. Evans
Faith Covenant Church - Sumner, Wash.
Faith Evangelical Covenant Church - Wheaton, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Fieberg
Mr. Thomas N. Finger
First Covenant Church - Moline, Ill.
First Covenant Church - Youngstown, Ohio
First Covenant Church - Seattle, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Fisher
Capt. and Mrs. James R. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fondell
Muriel E. Forsberg †
Mrs. Lorraine M. Fox
Mr. David R. Franklin
Mr. Karl Franklin
Mrs. Marion V. Franklin †
Rev. and Mrs. Herbert M. Freedholm
Rhoda and Gil Friesen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Frisk
Mr. William B. Fritz
Rev. and Mrs. James H. Gaderlund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gale
Chaplain and Mrs. Patrick A. Genseal
Dr. John W. Gianopulos
Rev. and Mrs. Scot L. Gillan
Rev. and Mrs. Dennis E. Glad
Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church - Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gocht
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldsboro
Mrs. Marjorie L. Gores
Mr. H. Marvin Gotberg
Mr. Hollis F. Graves III
Mr. Peter J. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Greenwall
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Hackenson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hacker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haller Sr.
Rev. and Mrs. Glen A. Halvorsen
Dr. John Hanson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harnell
Ms. Elizabeth Hatcher
Mrs. Alyce M. Hawkinson
Hawkinson Family
Dr. Louise W. Hedstrom and Dr. Herbert J. Hedstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heicher
Ms. Donna S. Herdegen
Mr. Kevin A. Herdegen
Mrs. Marilyn L. Hjelm
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holst
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hubbard
Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Hudson
Mrs. Alene S. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Idso
Iglesia Del Pacto Evangelico Peniel - Chicago, Ill.
Mr. Layne Imbery
Anita Ingvoldstad
Rev. and Mrs. Steven K. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jarvis
Mrs. Lois J. Jedd
Jesus People USA Covenant Church - Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Ann C. Johnson
Ms. Barbara Zoe Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Vern Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Johnson
Johnson Charitable Gift Fund
Mrs. Charlotte J. Johnson
Ms. Elvira J. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Johnson
Mrs. Gladys E. Johnson
Col. and Mrs. J. Randall Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy T. Johnson
Mrs. Marguerite A. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Johnson
Mr. Richard D. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard P. Johnson
Miss Ruth A. Johnson
Ruth E. and Dr. Duane E. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. S. Jerome Johnson
Ms. Sally A. Johnson
Dr. Robert K. Johnston and Ms. Catherine M. Barsotti
Mrs. Betty Ann Jones
Rev. Scott B. Jones and Mrs. Robin M. Jones
Mr. and Ms. Michael L. Jordan
Rev. and Mrs. Rodger L. Jorgenson
Mr. and Mrs. Guido Kauls
Rev. and Mrs. Mark T. Kelly
Mr. William W. Kenneweg
Ms. Aileen C. Keppler
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Kersten
Ms. Lillian R. Key
Pastor and Mrs. Jacob C. Kim
Mrs. Nancy C. Kindley
Dr. Larry H. Knipp
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Koenig
Mrs. Ellen M. Kogstad-Thompson
Mrs. Rhoda J. Kohl
Dr. Jane K. Koonce
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Kottke
Ms. Pamela Kruschke
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. John Lamprecht
Dr. and Mrs. Kent H. Landin
Mr. and Mrs. Denton E. Larson
Mrs. Joan B. Larson
Mrs. Muriel I. Larson †
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Larson
Mrs. Virginia K. Larson
Rev. Bryan J. Leech ASCAP
Rev. Sandra J. Lemke
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lewis
Mr. John R. Lewis
Libertyville Covenant Church - Libertyville, Ill.
Ms. Judith Lifton
Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Liljegren
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lindberg
Rev. Glenn L. Lindell †
Rev. Kari Lindholm-Johnson and Rev. Dr. Timothy L. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard M. Lindman
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert J. Lindstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Love
Rev. Velda R. Love
Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. Lucco
Miss Elizabeth C. Lundeen
Mr. LeRoy A. Lundell †
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Madvig
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Magnuson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marinkov
Mrs. Charlotte A. Mars
Mrs. Patricia A. Marshall
Mrs. Patricia J. Martinson
Ms. Rosemary Maulden
Mr. Ken Maupin
Ms. Gloria A. McDaniel
Mrs. Diane L. McDowell
Mrs. Geraldine McGill
Rev. Homer V. Melgren † and Mrs. Betty R. Melgren
Midwest Conference Ministerial Assocation
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Miericke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mills
Minnehaha Academy
Mr. George D. Mitzel
Ms. Marion G. Moberg
Ms. Judy Molitor
Rev. and Mrs. W. Roger Mollet
Rev. Jodi D. Moore and Mr. Benjamin E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Morris
Ms. Kristin E. Mueller
Mrs. Ann K. Munson
Dr. and Mrs. Bryce E. Nelson
Rev. Craig W. Nelson
Rev. and Mrs. Dwight A. Nelson
Miss Grace A. Nelson
Rev. and Mrs. Jerome O. Nelson
Dr. L. Grace Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Nelson
Ms. Margaret J. Nelson
Mrs. Marguerite J. Nelson
Rev. and Mrs. Frederick J. Newenhuyse
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Nilsen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernol A. Nordling
Mr. Robert T. Nordman
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Nordstrom
Ms. Kathryn E. Norten
Northwest Covenant Church - Mount Prospect, Ill.
Dr. Francis H. Norton
Rev. and Mrs. William R. Notehelfer
Rev. and Mrs. Mark A. Novak
Rev. and Mrs. James D. Oberg
Mrs. Betty A. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. O'Fiesh
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Olfelt
Rev. and Mrs. Gregg P. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Olsen
Mrs. Helen M. Olson
Rev. and Mrs. K. Wesley Olson
Rev. and Mrs. Mark S. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben J. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Olson
Rev. Queen E. O'Neal
Ms. Michelle R. ONeill
Mr. Neal B. O'Shaughnessy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Paff
Rev. Karen L. Palmatier and Mr. Bruce W. Palmatier
Rev. and Mrs. Bud Palmberg
Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Pape
Ms. Kathryn Pappelis
Mr. Leo Patterson
Rev. Mark T. Pattie III
Mr. John E. Pearson
Peninsula Covenant Church - Redwood City, Calif.
Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Lyle R. Person
Rev. and Mrs. James E. Persson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Peterson
Rev. and Mrs. G. Verle Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Peterson
Mrs. Marian V. Peterson †
Rev. Robert C. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Phelan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pierson
William R. Pillman
Ms. Carolyn J. Pitezel
Mr. Gregory A. Podczaski
Ms. Wanda L. Potts
Mr. Gerald S. Powers
Rev. and Mrs. Wallace H. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Prunty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ramgren
Rev. Richard H. Rasanen and Ms. Paula Swanson-Rasanen
Rev. Dr. John B. Rathod and Mrs. Purnavati Rathod
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
Rice Family Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass
Ms. Damary Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Ritchie
Mrs. Juliana R. Robertson
Rev. and Mrs. Donald T. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Rohrbach
Mr. Michael Rolinitis
Rev. and Mrs. C. Theodore Roos
Mrs. Anne L. Ross
Dr. Alan E. Roth and Rev. Carol E. Roth
Dr. G. Thomas Ruebel and Rev. Diane E. Ruebel
Mr. Kenneth L. Rydberg
Salem Covenant Church - New Brighton, Minn.
Rev. and Mrs. William V. Salo
The Samarkand Covenant Retirement Community
Mr. F. L. Sandstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Sandstrom
Saranac Community Church - Saranac, Mich.
Mrs. Maxine A. Schermer
Ms. Emily Schiffmacher
Mr. Bruce Schreffler
Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Searway
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sharkey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Shively
Rev. and Mrs. Marlowe P. Shoop
Rev. and Mrs. James H. Silver
Mr. Max E. Sluiter
Dr. and Mrs. Klyne R. Snodgrass
Mrs. Doris J. Soderberg †
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Soderstrom
Rev. and Mrs. Paul L. Spjut
Mr. and Mrs. Lars-Birger Sponberg
Mrs. Joyce C. Stahl
Rev. James D. Stanley-Erickson and Rev. Catherine E. Stanley-Erickson
Rev. and Mrs. James H. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Strobel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Stromberg
Rev. and Mrs. Randall A. Surey
Dr. Jack and Mary Surridge
Mr. Robert E. Swanberg and Rev. Judy L. Swanberg
Rev. Craig and Susan Swanson
Rev. and Mrs. James A. Swanson
Mrs. Laurie Swanson
Rev. and Mrs. Wesley C. Swanson
Rev. and Mrs. Baxter R. Swenson
Mr. Lowell Swenson
Rev. Carl L. Taylor
Pastor and Mrs. Daniel S. Teefey
Tender Loving Care of Duluth
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Tenglin
Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Theilen
Rev. and Mrs. Timothy L. Theurer
Dr. and Mrs. Randall K. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. F. Albert Tizon
Rev. and Mrs. Gary E. Tonn
Mrs. Lynnette C. Towner
Rev. William W. Updegrove and Ms. Sharon M. Neth
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Vanover
Mrs. Lydia M. Veazie
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Verdoorn
Rev. Robert E. Verme
Miss Kathryn R. Videen †
Rev. and Mrs. James M. Walcott
Rev. and Mrs. Gary B. Walter
Rev. David A. Washington
Dr. and Mrs. John Weborg
Mr. Thomas A. Weikert
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Weld
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Dr. William N. Werner and Rev. Ruthanne L. Werner
Rev. Harry E. Westberg
Dr. and Mrs. Glen V. Wiberg
Mrs. Glannie Wiehe
Mr. Larry Wiertzema, Jr.
Mrs. M. Jeanne Wiganosky
Rev. and Mrs. Everett L. Wilson
Chaplain and Mrs. Bernard L. Windmiller
Winnetka Evangelical Covenant Church - Wilmette, Ill.
Rev. George Wood
Rev. J. D. Wood
Rev. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood
Mr. Robert W. Wright
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory J. Yee
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Youngberg
Dr. Joan E. Zetterlund

† indicates deceased

Eric Landin

“Thank you so much for your generosity. You are investing in the church and in God's kingdom as you enable the formation of current and future pastors, leaders, professors, and practitioners. May God bless you as you bless us in this significant way.”

Eric Landin S’16