CREW Groups

Even for the most social people, making new friends in a new place can be a bit intimidating. Our solution: CREW groups. Designed to create a fun and easy way for new students to get connected to North Park’s community and many new friends, your CREW will be your “home base” throughout Threshold week.

You’ll be placed into a group with other incoming students and a current North Park student will serve as your CREW Leader. They will guide you throughout the week for special events, answer your questions about campus life or the week’s events, and hang out with your group at meals.

Commuter and transfer students, don’t worry: we know your experience of getting connected is a little different, so your CREW groups will intentionally be made up of other commuter and transfer students.

Community • Relationships • Experience • Worldview

So, why CREW? Whether you’re taking the “L” downtown to explore, eating lunch in the dining hall, or just hanging out together on the Greenspace, this group is your first introduction to the many ways that community, relationships, experience, and worldview will find their way into your time at North Park.

Community: We take community seriously at North Park. Our community is our students, faculty, and staff; our campus and neighborhood; our friends and neighbors. Our community is the whole city of Chicago. We’re excited you’re joining us!

Relationships: Friends, professors, staff members, mentors… these are the relationships you’ll build while in college, the people who will be there to laugh with you, study with you, and walk with you through the challenges life has to bring. They say the relationships you build in college are the relationships you’ll keep forever — we’re glad to help you get started!

Experience: Your college experience will be your own. Your unique blend of talents, interests, and ideas will help shape your experience, along with the community and relationships you find at North Park. Take a chance with your CREW — do something brand-new, learn about someone from the other side of the world. Get your college experience off to a great start!

Worldview: How you see and understand the world will be challenged in the classroom, in your friendships, and your participation in service opportunities. Our challenge to you: expand your vision and see the world through your new friends’ eyes during Threshold. And then keep it up throughout your college years. We bet you’ll end up having a great adventure!

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CREW Groups