North Park Student Stars in Chicago Production of Torn: The Musical

Leslie Moore performing with the North Park University Gospel Choir.
Leslie Moore performing with the North Park University Gospel Choir.

Chicago’s Leslie Moore is a junior majoring in music in worship

CHICAGO (Sept. 9, 2011) — Leslie Moore came to North Park University because it offers a forum for discussing both God and music, she says.  She will use that and her many other musical experiences when she performs as the lead angel in Torn: The Musical, Sept. 9-11 at Chicago’s Vittum Theater.

Describing it as “a Christian musical,” Moore said that Torn is a theatrical production told through various forms of dance and music, from hip-hop and rock to jazz and opera. Torn tells the story of one man’s battle for his soul. The North Park University junior music in worship major said Torn is a spiritual production, “a ministry for us.”

The show premiered earlier this year in Chicago and is back this weekend for a second Chicago run.  Early next year, Torn will be performed in other parts of the country, Moore said. The Third Dimension Production Co. performs the musical, produced by Moore’s friend whom she met at a Chicago Church of Christ congregation, Ted Williams III. Williams invited Moore to direct the music and help edit the script.  In the stage production, Moore sings in nearly all of the songs.

“I am so happy to be in this show,” said Moore, a junior music in worship major from Chicago. “My prayer is that God will continue to let me be part of venues like this.”

In addition to Torn, Moore was recently chosen to be part of an ensemble to be mentored by Chicago’s Donald Lawrence, a Grammy award–winning gospel music producer, composer, and recording artist.

Moore credits North Park University for opening doors that have led to musical success. “I know God led me to North Park. I’m grateful for how God and North Park have moved in my life,” she said.

Moore sings in the University’s acclaimed Gospel Choir and is leading a University Ministries worship team this year. Two of her professors in the North Park University School of Music, Dr. Helen Hudgens and Dr. Michael McBride, speak highly of Moore and her musical interests.

“She’s been a delight. She’s a leader,” said Hudgens, who has known Moore for two years. She recalled Moore’s class leadership in Hudgens’ “Practice and Aesthetics of Church Music” class. Moore, who is experienced in African American church music, shared significant musical perspectives with the class as students visited churches on Chicago’s South Side, Hudgens said.

“She’s very gifted, but with a humble heart, and a real heart for working with students of color in our music school,” Hudgens said. Hudgens said she plans to see Torn during its weekend run at the Vittum Theater.

McBride described Moore as “a dedicated, motivated music student.” He knows Moore from seminar classes he taught in church music history and church music literature. Her contributions to those conversations “were beautiful, unique and personal,” he said. McBride recalled Moore’s work at a benefit concert this year for Haiti, where her singing “brought the house down.” She also helped raise funds for and organize the musical component of a trip to India by several musicians who performed and worked with local Indian musicians, he said.

“She’s a thoughtful, passionate, sensitive person and musician,” he said. “I’m excited to see what God has for her and for her future.”


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