New "Covenant Affirmations" Curriculum Available

PORTLAND, OR (June 29, 2007) – New curriculum to help churches study and discuss the six central affirmations of the Evangelical Covenant Church is now available. The material is free.

The “Exploring Covenant Affirmations” includes a DVD and study guide. The study guide is included on the disc.

A Lilly Foundation grant funded the project through the Making Connections Initiative at North Park Theological Seminary. The seminary worked with the Department of Christian Formation to produce the material. "This is the first major attempt to present content to new and oldcongregations about the 2005 Covenant Affirmations. It's appropriate tohave the seminary teachers and denominational leaders provide input.It's great to see them in leadership in this way," said Mary Miller, Director of the Seminary's Making Connections Initiative.

A copy of the DVD can be ordered by emailing Kelly Reed at kreed@northpark.edu. Churches also should have received a brochure with an order form, says Bruce Lawson, Christian Formation’s project manager.

Each section of the DVD focuses on a particular affirmation and is eight to 10 minutes long. An additional chapter focuses on the common Christian affirmations. A two-minute promotional section and an overview of all six Covenant affirmations also are on the disc.

The curriculum was introduced to delegates at the denomination’s 122nd Annual Meeting.

Doreen Olson, executive minister of the Department of Christian Formation, said the material was designed to be “formative, informative, and flexible,” and especially ideal for classrooms or small groups.

“As a former video producer, I am very impressed,” says Rick Carlson, pastor of Roseville Covenant Church in Roseville, Minnesota. “The clarity of the script makes the Covenant Affirmations accessible to un-churched seekers and yet provides great insight for people who are mature in Christ.”