NPU School of Music Plays Key Role at Illinois Music Educators' State Conference

Karen Bauer (top) and Rollo Dilworth (bottom)

CHICAGO, IL (February 1, 2007) – Whether through direction of the Illinois High School All-State Chorus or presentation of "A Refresher Master Class for Teachers of Vocal Music," North Park University School of Music representatives made a significant contribution to the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) State Conference in Peoria, Ill. last weekend.

North Park’s director of choral programs, Rollo Dilworth, D.M., conducted 300 of the best high school singers in Illinois in the All-State Chorus. The group performed in the Conference’s culminating All-State Concert on Saturday night, drawing a crowd of 15,000 to the Carver Arena - Peoria Civic Center to hear the performance.

Karen Bauer, D.M., who supervises the Master of Music in Vocal Performance program at North Park, presented a master class to music educators from around the state that was extremely well received by colleagues from around the state. Twelve North Park students assisted Bauer in demonstrating how to elicit good vocal technique from choral ensembles. Under Bauer’s tutelage and direction, they performed a piece which was then developed further during the class. Bauer also worked with four high school soloists from the Peoria area to develop their understanding and skill with vocal technique.

In her words, "My goal in this master class was to show how vocal technique for choral singing and solo singing is one and the same thing. Too often one hears the opinion that they are somehow different. I was challenging that notion and was, frankly, a bit concerned about the reaction. However, I was pleased and even surprised to find the teachers hungry for this kind of technical information and pleased with the results of the work done in class. I was very proud of our North Park singers!"