National Press Covers North Parkers Serving in New Orleans

North Park students hard at work in New Orleans

CHICAGO, IL (March 15, 2007) – The group that left North Park on Saturday, March 10 was en route to St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina-ravished Upper Ninth Ward to serve those in need. Intent on their work of building homes with Habitat for Humanity for as many people as possible during their seven-day trip, the last audience they expected to address was the nation-wide youth following dedicated to MTV.

Four days into their trip, however, they found themselves the subjects of in-depth interviews and coverage by a news crew from the famed music video station. Group leader and Seminary student Sara Carlson reports that the piece featuring the North Park group is scheduled to air on Saturday, March 24 at 1 p.m. CDST as a special edition of MTV News, exploring "alternative Spring Breaks."

In Carlson's words, "God is definitely moving here, both in the lives of these students and in the spirit of the city of New Orleans; it is bigger than I think any of us could have imagined."

The group covered includes the following North Park students:
Ruth Blidar
Lukas Dahlstrom
Nicole Davis
Tom Dierenfeld
Amber Gerhart
Eliza Johnson
Matthew Kemp
Mandy Klein
Kristin Ourada
Stina Peterson
Chuck Potts
Hannah Schultz
Emily Tisch
Benjamin Wall