Former North Park Professor's Recipe Appears in Cookbook

Don Olson's Korv

CHICAGO, IL (December 21, 2007) - If you have ever set foot in the home of Don Olson, former math and chemistry teacher at North Park Academy and recent part-time faculty member at the University, you are aware of his Swedish heritage. Especially during Advent and Christmas, the Olson home is decorated beautifully with all things Swedish, many of which were picked up on their travels to the home country of their ancestors. He and his wife, Kay (Larson) C'63, even combine his birthday, a mere four days before Christmas, with an annual korv-making party enjoyed with friends.

It is this korv — potatis korv, to be exact — that caught the eye of an employee at WTTW-Chicago, located in the North Park neighborhood, who was on the lookout for recipes to be included in an upcoming Swedish cookbook. The cookbook, titled Foods from Chicago, is to be a gift given by the public television station as a thank-you for a donation of $75 to $100.

A photo crew and a writer from WTTW arrived at Olson's home looking for items to use as a backdrop for his homemade links of the Swedish sausage and to learn more about him. He says, "In our house it's not a matter of finding something that looks Swedish, but rather . . . of all the things you see, what will you use?" The crew finally settled on a copper cheesecake pan Olson's great-grandfather made for his wife as a wedding gift in 1839. Before departing after the shoot, Olson gave each member of the crew a korv sandwich on limpa bread, knowing they would not have a chance to eat before their next stop. Then, laughs Olson, "I had a problem of getting rid of them because they loved the Swedish food!"