Hibbard Students Send Thank-Yous for Gymnastics Performance

Thank You note from Hibbard student

CHICAGO, IL (December 7, 2007) – This past fall, students from Hibbard Elementary School, which lies just south of the North Park University campus, were invited by Charles Peterson, dean of academic affairs at the University, to attend a special performance by a group of Danish gymnasts. The grade-school students filed into the University’s gymnasium, clad in purple shirts, and filled the bleachers. They sat, spell-bound, as the gymnasts completed flips, turns, and leaps before their very eyes.

A few weeks after the performance, Peterson received a visit from Rita Olsen, reading and curriculum coordinator at Hibbard, who carried with her a stack of thank-you notes from the students. Written in their young penmanship, the notes conveyed the students’ gratitude for the invitation to see the gymnastics performance, many mentioning their favorite parts of the day and drawing pictures to convey those moments.

The University hopes this will be the beginning of a long-standing relationship with the Hibbard school, and looks forward to many more opportunities to bring their students to our campus.