2008 Oxfam Collegiate Click Drive Kicks Off

CHICAGO, IL (February 22, 2008) – As it has done for the past few years, Oxfam America is encouraging college students from around the country to plop themselves down in front of their computers and start clicking. From February 11 until March 17, Oxfam America will oversee a six-week competition pitting college students nationwide against each other – and against world-wide poverty. Several universities around the country are listed as options of schools with which students can align themselves; North Park University is one of them. Simply by clicking online twice daily at www.povertyfighters.com, individuals contribute on behalf of their schools to raise funds for micro-credit loans through Oxfam. These loans go to the poorest of the poor to start grassroots businesses; the success rate for these loans is estimated between ninety-five and ninety-eight percent.