Love Is On the Water for North Park's Rowing Alumni

CHICAGO, IL (January 28, 2008) – Love is in the air at North Park University. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say it is on the water. This past Saturday, two past members of the men's and women's rowing teams, Eric Christensen C'2004 and Andrea Olson, tied the knot at Rochester Covenant Church in Minnesota.

Eric and Andrea first met when he assisted her as she exercised on a shaky rowing machine in North Park’s old exercise facility. As he was sprayed with her sweat, he thought to himself, "Gross! Who is this girl?" Despite this initial impression they became friends, even as they dated others and as Andrea transferred from North Park to Rochester Community and Technical College to complete the dental assistant program there, and soon their friendship grew.

On July 3, 2007, Eric proposed in an elaborate setting involving candles, champagne, and 100 roses. Rather uncharacteristically romantic, according to Andrea.

Eric and Andrea are not the first members of North Park's rowing teams to find love on the water (though their relationship may be the first to be written up as a local news story). Two other couples met and fell in love in the North Park University shells. Ty and Leah (Albrecht) McGee C'2005 and Jake Eisele C'2004 and Karen Ebner C'2005 also met their mates while rowing.

Women's coach Tim Grant says, "If this rowing thing goes bust, I am going to get into matchmaking!"