North Park Launches Business as Mission Course

CHICAGO, IL (January 9, 2008) - In the Spring of 2008 the School of Business and Nonprofit Management (SBNM) and the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies will offer a seven-week topics course in Business as Mission (BAM). The course will be taught by Biblical and Theological Studies professor Boaz Johnson and SBNM professor Michael Avramovich. BAM is an emerging movement in which Christians are pursuing business with excellence for the well-being of God’s creation. As the modern era of globalization increases global connectedness through telecommunications and the Internet, a new era of Christian mission is unfolding, one in which business professionals have unique opportunities to nurture the economic, social, and spiritual vitality of communities around the world.

Topics in this course include A Biblical Perspective on Business, Biblical Principles of Business as Mission, Discernment of Calling, Spiritual Disciplines for Business People, Leadership from a Business as Mission Perspective, BAM and Justice: Case Studies in Business Ethics, Starting Your Own BAM Business, Tent-Making, and Micro-Enterprise Development and Sustainability.

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