North Park University Marketing Techniques Highlighted in Tribune

CHICAGO, IL (January 23, 2008) - On the pages of the Chicago Tribune this week, the University's most recent marketing techniques were highlighted, including its image as a good value in education, which is due in part to the 2005 tuition and financial aid restructuring.

"It's been fabulously successful," says Mark Olson, dean of enrollment. "We're calling it a no-haggle approach to financial aid and tuition. Our first offer is our best offer."

Other offerings of the University were pointed out, such as the interdisciplinary North Park Dialogue course, which requires students in each year of their schooling to tackle a major life question, such as "What is a Life of Faith?"; and the augmentation of the nonprofit programs at the graduate level. To read the Tribune's article, please click here.

In addition, on Friday, January 18, the Sun-Times ran a story about alumnus and former basketball coach Bosko Djurickovic C'73, accenting the high quality of performance found among CCIW schools. Djurickovic, who was head coach at North Park University for nine years and is now coaching at Carthage College, is quoted as saying, "the overall strength and balance across the board is better now than it ever has been."

Also mentioned in the Sun-Times article was sophomore Nick Williams' receipt of CCIW player of the week. For more on these topics, please click here.