One-woman play, "Haunted by God," returns to North Park

Wagner as Day - photo courtesy Evette Cardova

CHICAGO, IL (January 24, 2008) – The story of Dorothy Day, journalist-turned-social activist, comes to life in Haunted by God, a one-woman play highlighting the talents of Lisa Wagner. Wagner, who has performed Haunted on North Park's campus once before, will return on February 13, 2008, for a free 7:30 p.m. performance in Anderson Chapel.

Chicago native Day started out as a journalist in the 1930s but she was convicted to change the focus of her energy when she covered an army of homeless, jobless Americans marching on Washington during the Great Depression. She began a monthly newspaper, the Catholic Worker, and set up Catholic Worker "houses of hospitality," where those who arrived on their doorstep were treated as family members.

In the words of Cardinal John O'Connor of New York, Day was "the closest thing to a Mother Teresa that America has seen." He is one of many who are lending their voices to a campaign for her canonization.

"Every time I perform I see it as leading a worship service," says Wagner, who has worked with fellow writers Paul Amandes and Robert McClory to perfect the text for Haunted. "What I really want to happen is to have an experience of prayer with people."