University Theatre Stages Reading of Ten Square

CHICAGO, IL (January 22, 2008) – North Park University Theatre continues its relationship with MPAACT (Ma'at Production Association of Afrikan Centered Theatre) by hosting a staged reading of Shepsu Aakhu's play Ten Square on Tuesday, January 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the University's Lecture Hall Auditorium (LHA).

Mr. Aakhu is resident playwright of MPAACT and describes Ten Square as "a richly drawn world — part social satire, part black comedy, and part historical fiction. It is not so much a world in the making as it is a world already made. The seeds for a future America that have already been sown. A new social contract has been negotiated in America. The reparations movement has led to separate and unequal city states across the country. The city state of South Chicago, ten square miles of real estate, is inhabited by two million 'citizens'. There is a wall to protect the state. A wall patrolled by motherland security, and buffered by a one hundred yard kill zone known as the 'Japanese Garden'. Roosevelt . . . patrols the 'kill zone' at the border between North Chicago and South, [and] is torn between the needs of his state, his family, and his own sense of self. In Ten Square we witness some of what America could be, and much of what America has become."

The event is free and includes a discussion with the playwright following the reading.

For further information contact Chad Eric Bergman at (773) 244-5578.