Burgh Hall in Final Phase of Complete Renovation


CHICAGO, IL. (July 2, 2008) –Burgh Hall can now be added to the long list of campuswide projects aimed at beautifying and improving North Park University.

Burgh Hall has undergone a complete renovation that started with the bathrooms three years ago. In addition to gutting the plumbing, the bathrooms received new tiling, showers, paint, and fixtures.

The entrance to Burgh, and the building itself, has become more handicapped accessible. A ramp was added to the Spaulding entrance and select first floor rooms and bathrooms have been designed to meet the needs of mobility-impaired students.

This summer, Burgh’s renovation has been comprehensive. The entire building has been rewired, including both electrical and low voltage network wiring. Dorm rooms have been furnished with new stackable furniture as well as new flooring and new doors with state-of-the-art card-operated proximity locks. Hallways were given new ceilings, carpeting, and a new paint job.

The entry lounge and kitchen facility were expanded and received new furnishings, including a widescreen TV, art work, and signage. Various safety features were added, including a new entry glass enclosure and door system, an electronic locking system throughout the building, and a fire protection sprinkler system. The front desk has been redone to include a small office for the RD.

The Burgh Hall basement, which will now include a bike room, will also feature an improved laundry area and a modestly upgraded Java Haus coffee house.

The cost of the bathroom renovations and the comprehensive building renovation ran between $4 and $4.5 million; $1 million for the bathrooms and between $3 and $3.5 million for the additional renovations.

In the past five years, North Park has made other campuswide improvements including Viking Café, the campus Green Space, the new campus bookstore, Hanson Hall and Wilson hall, and University Ministries offices in the basement of Sohlberg Hall.