Record Number of North Park Students to Study Abroad

Emily Germann

CHICAGO,IL (July 8, 2008) - Thirty North Park students will study abroad in fall 2008, setting a new institutional record. “According to the Institute for International Education’s 2006 Open Doors report www.opendoors.iienetwork.org, less than one percent of all students enrolled in US higher educational institutions study abroad for credit,” says Jennifer Pope, Director of North Park’s International Office. “In the last four years, North Park has been averaging 2.9% of our student body studying abroad each year on semester- or quad-length study abroad programs. I expect that we’ll far exceed four percent in the 2008-2009 school year.”

Fifteen of the 30 study abroad students will participate in the University’s longest running exchange program, in Jönkoping, Sweden. Founded in 1976, the exchange with Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola pairs North Park students with one year of college-level Swedish with roommates from SVF’s “College Line” program for a fall semester in Sweden. The Swedish students join their US counterparts on North Park’s campus for the spring semester so that friendships begun abroad may continue.

Of the remaining 15 fall study abroad students, 11 will participate in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), of which North Park is a member. Students from ISEP member institutions essentially take each other’s place for a semester; they pay tuition, room, and board to their home university, and receive services from a host university in exchange. North Park students will study in Uruguay, Ghana, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, France, England, Finland, and Chile.

North Park students, Winona Fuller and Emily Germann will study abroad at two of North Park’s sister schools. Fuller will study at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having already spent a semester studying in Morelia, Mexico, with North Park, Fuller is looking forward to furthering her Spanish language skills and completing course work for her major in Global Studies. Germann will study at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea. Studying in Asia was important to Germann because of family history there. Her grandparents were missionaries in Indonesia, China, and Mongolia, and her father spent his childhood in various parts of the region. Though she intended to study abroad at SKKU for the fall semester, Germann was also invited to spend the summer there. A business and economics major, Germann will take courses in the culture, business and technology of East Asia as part of SKKU’s International Summer School.

Stephanie Bonin will participate in the Uganda Studies Program, a program run by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. While a student at Uganda Christian University, Bonin will take courses in African history and politics and Biblical Studies. A final North Park student, Joseph Davis, will be completing an international internship during the fall semester. As part of his Youth Ministry degree, Davis will work with youth at Fisher’s Creek International Church in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the spring, North Park anticipates sending another 28 students off-campus on a variety of programs. To learn more about North Park University’s study abroad program please visit www.northpark.edu/internationaloffice. Questions may also be directed to Jennifer Pope, Director of the International Office, at 773-244-5553 or through e-mail.