Alumnus makes BusinessWeek's Top 50

John Ferneborg

John Ferneborg named one of the World's Most Influential Headhunters

CHICAGO, IL (December 4, 2008) – John R. Ferneborg, a partner in the Ferneborg Group, was recently named by BusinessWeek as one of the World’s Most Influential Headhunters. As the magazine notes, the group of 50 executives specializes in “the often mysterious world of executive recruiting.”

Ferneborg, a 1960 graduate of North Park Academy and a 1964 graduate of the University, is responsible for recruiting CEOs, board members, and senior operating executives in a variety of sectors, including technology, digital media, publishing, entertainment, and consumer goods.

“One of the best ways to develop outstanding leadership skills is to blend the management techniques of successful leaders with your leadership style,” Ferneborg advises in his profile on the BusinessWeek website. “Too many times managers are focused on their particular industry. Successful executives that we have observed get outside their comfort level and learn from successful professionals in other industries.”

And what does he look for in the top-level executives he recruits? Someone who is “bright, ethical, and of high integrity.”

“These attributes build confidence with co-workers,” Ferneborg explains. “I also look for individuals who are good at developing team members and delegating responsibilities appropriately. I identify candidates with a positive attitude who take a sense of pride and ownership in their organizations and are willing to go the distance through both good and bad times.”